Reading progress update: I've read 31%.

The Children Act - Ian McEwan, Lindsay Duncan The Children Act - Ian McEwan

Despite my plans for tea, book, and duvet yesterday, I mostly napped and when awake had only the mental capacity to watch films. Not even good ones. I turned to Shaknado at some point. And I can't even remember much of that one. Tho, that may not be a bad thing.


Anyway, ... the experience made me long for a story with substance, at which point I came across The Children Act. I haven't watched the film, yet, but given that Emma Thompson plays the main character, this is clearly something I will correct shortly. After I read the book, that is.


The thing is, McEwan is one of the authors whose work I have tried on several occasions but have DNF'd or hated at a higher proportion than almost any other's. 

There is just something about his writing that disagrees with me. 


So, imagine my surprise and delight, when a third into the book, I am actually enjoying this one. 


No doubt, much of it is helped by Lindsay Duncan's fabulous narration (I'm reading along in the old kindle/audio companion act). I really like Lindsay Duncan. She's much underrated.