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Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection) by Christie, Agatha (2012) Paperback - Agatha Christie

‘The thing is – what to do next,’ she said. ‘It seems to me we’ve got three angles of attack.’

   ‘Go on, Sherlock.’

‘The first is you. They’ve made one attempt on your life. They’ll probably try again. This time we might get what they call “a line” on them. Using you as a decoy, I mean.’

   ‘No thank you, Frankie,’ said Bobby with feeling. ‘I’ve been very lucky this time, but I mightn’t be so lucky again if they changed the attack to a blunt instrument. I was thinking of taking a great deal of care of myself in the future. The decoy idea can be washed out.’

   ‘I was afraid you’d say that,’ said Frankie with a sigh. ‘Young men are sadly degenerate nowadays. Father says so. They don’t enjoy being uncomfortable and doing dangerous and unpleasant things any longer. It’s a pity.’

Ha! I love Frankie.