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Dead Man's Folly: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

Well, this has turned sinister quite quickly.

‘Well, well…’ Alec Legge seemed amused. ‘Most unexpected coming from you. Do you know what I should like to see done in this country?’


‘Something, no doubt, forceful and unpleasant,’ said Poirot, smiling.


Alec Legge remained serious. ‘I should like to see every feeble-minded person put out – right out! Don’t let them breed. If, for one generation, only the intelligent were allowed to breed, think what the result would be.’


‘A very large increase of patients in the psychiatric wards, perhaps,’ said Poirot dryly. ‘One needs roots as well as flowers on a plant, Mr Legge. However large and beautiful the flowers, if the earthy roots are destroyed there will be no more flowers.’

Mr Legge has just won himself the top spot on my list of potential victims.