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The Mystery of the Blue Train: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

‘Why did you come?’ she said at last. ‘To us, I mean. We’re not your sort.’

‘Oh, I am anxious to get into Society.’

‘Don’t be an ass,’ said Lenox promptly, detecting the flicker of a smile. ‘You know what I mean well enough. You are not a bit what I thought you would be. I say, you have got some decent clothes.’ She sighed. ‘Clothes are no good to me. I was born awkward. It’s a pity, because I love them.’

‘I love them too,’ said Katherine, ‘but it has not been much use my loving them up to now. Do you think this is nice?’

She and Lenox discussed several models with artistic fervour.

‘I like you,’ said Lenox suddenly. ‘I came up to warn you not to be taken in by Mother, but I think now that there is no need to do that. You are frightfully sincere and upright and all those queer things, but you are not a fool. Oh hell! what is it now?’

I really like Lennox.