Reading progress update: I've read 44 out of 308 pages.

The Mystery of the Blue Train: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

I'm a little behind with the BR, but am looking to catch up soon. 


First thoughts about the book are:


1.  How peculiar and perhaps a little telling (?) to start the book with the run down of a failing marriage and the preparations of a divorce when this is the first second* book Dame Agatha needed to write for a paycheck after getting divorced herself. 


(* I stand corrected: The first one was The Big Four, which explains a lot.)


2. I completely forgot how much pressure there is on all of the main characters right from the start - whether it is the threat of divorce, the threat of blackmail, the threat of scandal, or the vague threat of a stranger that looks familiar but keeps popping up in odd places.

‘But you are right, mon ami, we must not dwell on possibilities. See now, my little Dereek, there must be no more talk of this divorce. Your wife must give up the idea.’

‘And if she won’t?’

The dancer’s eyes narrowed to slits.

‘I think she will, my friend. She is one of those who would not like the publicity. There are one or two pretty stories that she would not like her friends to read in the newspapers.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Kettering sharply.

Mirelle laughed, her head thrown back.