Reading progress update: I've read 67%.

Sparkling Cyanide - Agatha Christie

I'm still mostly bored, but there are snippets that keep me going:

‘If my daughter’s a murderess, do you suggest that I should use my official position to rescue her from the consequences of her act?’

‘Of course,’ said Lady Kidderminster.

‘My dear Vicky! You don’t understand! One can’t do things like that. It would be a breach of—of honour.’

‘Rubbish!’ said Lady Kidderminster.

They looked at each other—so far divided that neither could see the other’s point of view. So might Agamemnon and Clytemnestra have stared at each other with the word Iphigenia on their lips.




His wife said nothing, and Lord Kidderminster went uneasily out of the room. To think that Vicky—Vicky—whom he had known intimately for so many years—should prove to have such unsuspected and really very disturbing depths in her!