Under a Pole Star

Under A Pole Star - Stef Penney

I'm not going to bother writing up a full review of why I am DNF'ing this book, but am instead reiterating a comment I just left in Lillelara's review - this contains SPOILERS, so you have been warned!


"I have the book and audio at home at the moment and, as I told you, I made a start on this last night. I woke up to a point in the audio which is beyond the point in the story that you got to and all I can tell you is that it does not get better ... Flora gets married to a creep who first says he can't consummate the marriage because he had been diagnosed with a malady but had gone ahead with the wedding because he thought he was cured, then had a flare up. This all is promptly followed by a ... "Last Tango in Paris" scene...pretty graphic...and pretty much the point where I kicked the book into touch this morning. 

Oh, and the writing really aggravated me, too. I never even got a sense that it was set in the late 1800s as there is so much emphasis on how well-educated and well-respected Flora was in academic circles. I think the writing in present tense doesn't work for the story either...and obviously, since the author is a screenwriter, the emphasis on descriptions that could be well adapted to film scenes put me off, too."


Anyway, I'm out!