Where My Whimsy Takes Me... Or: A Couple of Projects for the Year of Free Range Reading

As most of you will have guessed from my updates so far this year, there has already been a major development to this year's reading: The Great Gaudy Book Hangover has motivated me to seek out some biographies of Dorothy L. Sayers, most of which have arrived at BT HQ, and one of which I have already had the pleasure to finish. 


Therefore, Project # 1 this year will be an exploration of Sayers' life and work - including the biographies, collected letters, and any other materials I can lay my hands on via the libraries available to me. 




Speaking of libraries, I am just returning from a visit to the National Library of Scotland (thanks to some spare time offered up after work meetings today), during which I looked up some more out-of-print works by Josephine Tey (aka Gordon Daviot aka Elizabeth MacKintosh). I particularly wanted to acquaint myself with Tey's/Daviot's/MacKintosh's playwriting. I have read much about it, but have so far not had any first-hand experience. Given that she was a playwright before she became a novelist, it seems I'm missing out here. 


So, in connection with this, Project # 2 will be to read a selection of her plays. 


I managed to read The Pomp of Mr Pomfret this afternoon and have a feeling that her style in other plays will also be delightful and accessible. 


I also found out that the NLS has an original corrected typescript of Tey's last novel in the Inspector Grant series ("The Singing Sands"), so I might try and have a look at it during one of the next visits to Edinburgh. It is also the last novel in the Grant series that I haven't read, yet.