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Penhallow - Georgette Heyer

She got up from the bed with shaky haste, and left the room, conscious of having failed again to help Clay. When she reached the hall, and stood under the portrait of Rachel, she looked up at it, thinking that Rachel would not have failed in her place. The hard, painted eyes mocked her. ‘Fool!’ Rachel seemed to say. ‘Haven’t you learnt yet how to handle Penhallow?’


I'm still holding out for Rebecca Rachel to rise from the dead and burn down the house...or, you know, demonically possess Faith and bludgeon everyone to death with the boot brush or the toaster.

She's the best character so far. Mostly because she off-page page and doesn't whine about the same things over and over for hundreds of pages.


@Lillelara: I've gotten up to p. 204 now.