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Penhallow - Georgette Heyer

[...] Conrad allowed hatred of Loveday to fester in his soul, until he could scarcely see her without wanting to do her an injury. When the turmoil in his own breast led him to snap Bart’s head off, which it often did, and he caught Bart looking at him with a puzzled, rather hurt expression in his face; he wanted to hit Bart, or to spirit him away to some unspecified locality far beyond the reach of predatory females: he was never quite sure which. Eugène, whom little escaped, was as well aware of his jealousy as of its cause, and lost few opportunities to plant his barbs in Conrad’s flesh, impelled more by a natural love of mischief than by any real desire to wound.

@Lillelara, you know how I said the Earnshaws might win in a fight because they had mean dogs? Well, who needs mean dogs with children like this?


Yeah, the Penhallows would definitely win the literary (celebrity) death match.