Reading progress update: I've read 92 out of 237 pages.

Seven Dead (British Library Crime Classics) - Martin Edwards, Eleanor Farjeon

This is one creepy and delicious book, more creepy, tho. It's like taking all of your expectations of a twee Golden Age cozy mystery and then turning it very, very dark. 


There is no gore in this. At least, there hasn't been so far - if you don't count the "discovery" at the oh-so-ironically-named Haven House, which may as well be called Hill House. There's no relation to the plot of Jackson's story of course, but the atmosphere is as tense whenever Farjeon takes us near that building.


And he does it well, even coming back to the house at the time of ... 

Well, ... find out for yourselves.


But to make up for this, we get a charming young bloke, who's just made a bad error in dealing with a woman whose...

"large bosom almost filled the width of the doorway, and her high complexion and too-gold hair loomed unnaturally, almost garishly, in the dimness. The air became heavily scented."




Tom, that's what you get for following Mrs. Danvers into an attic room, you silly lamb.