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Murder Must Advertise - Dorothy L. Sayers

Mr. Bredon's cousin is only slightly better at disguises than Hercule Poirot's twin brother.




‘One moment,’ said Milligan, before Dian could speak. ‘I think I know the stud-book pretty well. I was not aware that you had a cousin Bredon.’

‘It is not every puppy that appears in the kennel-book,’ replied Wimsey carelessly, ‘and it is a wise man that knows all his own cousins. But what matter? Family is family, though indicated by the border compony (or gobony if you prefer that form of the word) or by the bend or baton sinister, called by most writers of fiction the bar sinister, for reasons which I am unable to determine. My regrettable cousin Bredon, having no particular right to one family name more than another, makes it his practice to employ them all in turn, thus displaying a happy absence of favouritism.

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