24 Tasks of the Festive Season - Day 18 / Task 1 - Solstice / Yuletide - Tasks

Task 1:  Bibliomancy: Grab one of your larger books and flip to the indicated page and line number to answer the following questions - then post those answers for us:

My favourite book for this kind of task where you seek answers from a random line in a book is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, which has been with me on long-term loan from a friend. Yes, he knows I still have the book, and I do ask him periodically if he needs it back, and ... he would also tell me immediately if he needed it. 

Anyway, the reason I love picking this one is because I still like to challenge the Bard to proving whether he really did have all the answers.


So here we go, Will, the gauntlet has been thrown...


Will I read all the books on my TBR? - (page 378, line 29)

"That I must die here and live hence by truth?" (King John)


- I take this as a resounding "no". :(


Will any of my 2019 reads be 5 stars? - (page 227, line 31)

"I will not touch a bit." (As You Like It)


- Will are you being evasive or is this another "hell no"?


Will I discover a new favorite book / author / series? - (page 309, line 23)

"What, what?" (Twelfth-Night)


- I guess, Will, you have taken offense to that question, but ... and I hate to tell you ... but there are other authors out there. *Will stomps off in a huff for a bit, then comes back because his competitive side doesn't want to forfeit the challenge*


Will I discover that a major twist (hopefully, for the [even] better) has occurred in one of my favorite series? - (page 459, line 16)


"Will you thus break your faith?" (Henry IV, Pt. 2)


- My faith in loving a surprise twist that you don't want to spoil right? No, actually. You're right, Will, don't tell me. I really can't stand spoilers.


Will I finish all of my reading challenges in 2019? - (page 69, line 7)

"Let the sky rain potatoes" (Merry Wives of Windsor)


- Erm, ... Will, I get the feeling that you really could be more supportive.


Will I stay within my book budget in 2019? - (page 98, line 5)

"It is your husband mock'd you with a husband." (Measure for Measure)


- Ok, Will. I get it... And yes, Will, you've won the challenge. See you next time.



Task 2:  Tell us: What book did you read this year that felt like it was never going to end?


Mary Shelley's The Last Man. It was really long, and really slow, and super depressing. It did have some merit, but not enough to sustain the endless page-count of the entire book.


Task 3: Round up a herd of reindeer on book covers and in book illustrations.


(Skipping this)


Task 4: Treat yourself to a bûche de Noel (French Yule log cake) – if you want to try and make it yourself, see recipe here: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/buche-de-noel-recipe.


(Skipping this)


Book:  Any book that takes place in December or with ice or snow on the cover, revolving around the (summer or winter) equinox, or a collection of poetry by Hafez.



I've re-read Hercule Poirot's Christmas over the weekend (no updated review), which is set in December.