24 Festive Tasks: Door 14 - Hanukkah - Tasks

Task 1:  Have you had any miracles in your life?  (Kids are a given.)  Just enough change for tolls?  Just enough gas to get you to the station?  Been tragically late for a flight only to find the flight was even more tragically delayed?  Nothing is too small - share your miracles with us!


 Maybe later...



Task 2: Light 9 candles each representing something you’re thankful for (share a picture with us; sharing anything else is optional).




Task 3: Have a donut – and let us share it via a photo. Homemade donuts and shared recipes encouraged … but any donut will do just fine.



I brought in donuts for a staff meeting at work the other day and ended up with a whole lot of icing sugar all over myself and my desk...I did, however, manage to take a picture before that. :D




Task 4: A miracle crucial to Hanukkah is the Miracle of the cruse of oil, which concerns a jug of oil that (ostensibly) only contained enough oil for a single day, but miraculously turned out to last all of eight days. – Miracles aside, tell us: Have you ever experienced that something you had bought or you owned lasted a lot longer than anticipated … or where you expected a shortage which then fortuitously didn’t occur after all?


A couple of times come to mind for this, but this fits kinda nicely with the seasonal theme: last Christmas I spent the holidays with friends in the country who were running low on fuel (for the heating) a few days before the holidays. A few delivery was scheduled but didn't actually arrive (the company cancelled) and couldn't be re-scheduled until after the holidays. So, we looked at other options for the holidays, including changing venues, but ended up with the original plan and instructions to me and another friend to bring extra layers ... just in case.

To everyone's astonishment, the fuel didn't run out. I'm not saying it was a miracle, tho, because we tried to not use the heating system at all, and used it as the perfect excuse to fire up a wood-burning stove and cozy up with a lot of mulled wine. 


Book: Read a book about light, miracles, characters who are Jewish or books set in Israel.  OR: Hanukkah commemorates the re-dedication of the second temple in the second century; read the second book in a series or a book with the word “second” or “two” in the title.


 I have a book! I will read Earth and High Heaven, which also happens to be one of the remaining books on the 2018 Mt. TBR.