24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 - St. Andrew's Day - Tasks



Task 1:  Nominate someone for sainthood.  Who?  Why?


Thinking about it...


Task 2: St Andrew is revered in many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, where he worked as a Christian missionary, long before his relics were brought to Scotland centuries later. – Tell us: Is there a book (regardless whether fiction or nonfiction) for which you would basically walk up to strangers and tell them: “Read this!”? What would you say and do to get people to read that particular book?


I don't believe in inflicting books on random strangers. And I don't like making recommendations without even knowing anything about the tastes of the person receiving the recommendation. It annoys me no end when people recommend something to me without even asking if I'm interested ... I have unfriended people on GR for doing this (after asking them not to recommend books out of the cold). It really, REALLY bugs me.


So, I am going to approach this task slightly differently: I do believe in asking someone (once we have already established that they are a reader - apparently not everyone is) what books they would say have made a significant influence on them. Not their favourites necessarily, but books that would fit into their personal canon, and I would want to know why.


Task 3: Legend has it that the saltire or St. Andrew’s cross (white on an azure background) – which constitutes the national flag of Scotland – originated as a cloud formation, symbolizing St. Andrew’s being crucified on an X-shaped cross rather than an upright one.  Do you have any pictures of unusual cloud formations?  If so, share them with us!


Maybe the cloud formations aren't unusual, but the fluffiness and density of these rather impressed me. They just look like huge fluffy pillow mountains. 


(Photo taken somewhere in Penang, Malaysia, in November 2017)


Task 4: The town of St. Andrews, where the saint’s bones ended up in the course of the spread of Christianity to Scotland, is also famous for its golf course and tournament.  List your 3 favorite books where golf is key to the plot.


1. Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie - this is the one where Hastings falls in love. How can I not list this one?


2. Goldfinger by Ian Fleming - not a favourite as such unless we're including favourite books to detest. This is the one where Auric Golfinger cheats Bond at playing golf. There is A LOT of golf in this book. It follows a long tedious description of people playing cards. It's enough to put anyone off both games.


3. Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout - the first Nero Wolf novel and if I remember correctly, golf plays a part in the murder.


Book: Andrew was the first apostle; read the first book in a series. OR:  Andrew and Peter were brothers; read a book about brothers. OR: Read books about or set in Scotland or by a Scottish author, or set in Charleston, South Carolina (which is where the celebrations as we know them today began – by a group of Scottish expats – according to scotland.org).


Thinking about it....