24 Festive Tasks: Door 10 - Bon Om Touk - Tasks

Update - 04 Dec.: Tasks 3 & 4 completed.



Task 1:  Make a paper boat and post a picture of it.   Instructions, if needed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiAWx8odStA





Task 2: If you’ve ever attended a procession or an event involving festively decked out boats, post a picture and tell us about it.


This is another challenge that is trickier than I thought. Despite living on the coast and having a couple of boat festivals close by, I don't think they involved much festive decoration of the boats. Even the local university boat race, which I try and watch each year (because some friends of mine are involved with one of the boat clubs and there is usually a picnic going) is not keen on decorating the boats as they need to be as lightweight as possible.


The one event I think that came close to meeting the decoration task was the Inter-Company Regatta this year, which is also organised by the boat club (hence I happened to meet one of my friends there and watch the goings on from the upper deck of the boat house, i.e. the bar). I say this event came close because it wasn't actually the boats that were "dressed up".


 (source - I don't seem to have taken pics of the race) 


Task 3: Bon Om Touk celebrates the end of the rainy season. Tell us: What’s your favorite type of rainy day book – and do you have a favorite drink or snack to go with your rainy day reading? Photos welcome!


One with words, preferably, good words in a kind of sensible order. I know, it's not much to ask for. But then I don't tend to lean towards a particular kind of book on a rainy day. 

Also, I live in Scotland. We have a lot of rain.

Tho, whatever the book, tea or coffee always make for great reading drinks. 


Task 4: Which are your 3 favorite books where a key character is “moonlighting”?


1. Sherlock Holmes - There are too many stories to list, so I'll only designate one entry to Holmes' moonlighting variably as a priest, a plumber, a dying man, a vagabond, a down-and-out bookseller, ... So.Many.Fun.Adventures!


2. Edmond Dantes as The Count of Monte Cristo.


3. Hercule Poirot as his own twin brother. I know. This was one of the stupidest plots Christie ever came up with. The Big Four is, you may be surprised to learn, my favourite of the "bad Christies", because it is just so bad, that it does make me laugh. A lot.



Book: Read a book that takes place at sea or on a river OR with water on the cover OR where the plot involves a festival or the moon plays a pivotal role in the plot.