24 Tasks: Door 4 - Diwali - Tasks

Update - 11/11/18: Task 1 completed.


Task 1:  Share a picture of your favorite light display.



I am a big fan of the sunrise down at our beach, especially during the "dark months" when it seems that daylight is extra precious.


Task 2:  Cleaning is a big part of this holiday; choose one of your shelves, real or virtual, and tidy / organise it.  Give us the before and after photos.  OR Tidy up 5 of the books on your BookLikes shelves by adding the CORRECT cover, and/or any other missing information. (If in doubt, see here: http://jenn.booklikes.com/post/1782687/state-of-the-database-booklikes-database-halloween-bingo-and-a-mini-rant-with-pictures).





Task 3: Eating sweets is also a big part of Diwali. Either select a recipe for a traditional sweet, or make a family favorite and share a picture with us.





Task 4: During Diwali, people pray to the goddess Lakhshmi, who is typically depicted as a beautiful young woman holding a lotus flower. Find 5 books on your shelves (either physical or virtual) whose covers show a young woman holding a flower and share their cover images.


Amazingly, I don't seem to have even a single book that matches this description. Not.A.Single.One!


I have books with women on the cover, but they seem to hold hammers, hatchets, and scythes. I'm kinda impressed.


Update: Task complete! Posted here.


Book: Read a book with candles on the cover or the word “candle” or “light” in the title; OR a book that is the latest in a series; OR set in India; OR any non-fiction book that is ‘illuminating’ (Diwali is Sanskrit for light/knowledge and row, line or series)