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The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

"Somewhere around the world - from the deserts of Argentina to the frozen wastelands of Alaska - a new species of dinosaur is currently being found, on average, once a week. Let that sink in: a new dinosaur every...single...week. That's about fifty new species each year."


Ok, two things about this quote:


1. Wow on the number of new discoveries. I had not realised that so many species are being discovered. Really? I seriously would have thought this would be more newsworthy.


2. I am concerned by the tone of the book so far, which is illustrated by that last sentence I quoted. Surely, if he points out that one new species is discovered every week - and he emphasises this point - then I can gather for myself that this would add up to 52 (erm, ... rather than 50) new discoveries per year. 


I hope this sort of thing doesn't pop up too often in the book, because this is the sort of thing that will drive me nuts.


On a different note, I'm reading this for the Flat Book Society read but I'll also use the book for the Festive Tasks. :D