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The Prestige (SF Masterworks, #86) - Christopher Priest

Wow. I wish I had read this one for Halloween Bingo. It would have been perfect for many of the horror or supernatual squares. So perfect.

"The opening was not electrically lit, so I shone my remaining torch inside. I immediately wished I had not. It was full of ancient coffins. Most were stacked horizontally in heaps, although about a dozen were leaning upright against the walls. They were of all sizes but the greater number of them, depressingly, were small ones obviously designed for children. All the coffins were in various degrees of decay. The horizontal ones were the most decrepit: the wood dark, curled and fractured with age. In many cases the lids had fallen in on the contents, and several of the ones placed on the tops of the piles had sides which had fallen away."