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To Love and Be Wise - Josephine Tey

Do you read our Silas, Inspector?’

‘I’m afraid not.’

‘Don’t apologise. It’s an acquired taste. Even his wife hasn’t acquired it yet, if all reports are true. But then, poor woman, she is so busy suckling and suffering that she probably has no time to spare for the consideration of the abstract. No one seems to have indicated to her the possibilities of contraception. Of course, Silas has a “thing” about fertility. He holds that the highest function of a woman is the manufacture of progeny. So disheartening for a woman, don’t you feel, to be weighed against a rabbit, and to know that she will inevitably be found wanting.


One, or rather two, of the many reasons I love Tey's work: Inspector Grant and PC Williams. In this book, we really get to appreciate their working relationship - they complement each other. Even tho Grant is the more senior in rank, he knows that Williams has skills that he himself lacks, and he appreciates him for it.