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Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

I just caught myself shouting at the book.


That doesn't happen often...unless it is a really stupid and bad book, which this one isn't. It's really good and gripping but the main characters are so horrible to each other and Vic is just plain evil. I really wished they'd just get divorced ... or kill each other. 


Thankfully, there was a development.


‘There’s more to life than getting along,’ Vic said quickly.

‘It helps!’

They stared at each other.

‘You believe me, don’t you?’ Melinda said. ‘All right, Vic, I want the divorce. You asked me if I wanted it a couple of months ago. Remember?’

‘I remember.’

‘Well, does the offer still hold?’

‘I never go back on my word.’

‘Shall I start the proceedings?’

‘That’s customary. You can accuse me of adultery.’

She took a cigarette from the cocktail table and lighted it with an air of nonchalance. Then she turned and walked into her own room. A moment later she was back again. ‘How much alimony?’

‘I said a generous allowance. It’ll be generous.’

‘How much?’

He forced himself to think. ‘Fifteen thousand a year? You won’t have to support Trix on it.’   

He could see her calculating. Fifteen thousand a year would mean he couldn’t print so many books a year, that he’d have to let Stephen go, or dock his salary, which Stephen would probably agree to.

For a whim of hers, Stephen and his family would have to go on short rations.

‘That sounds all right,’ she said finally.

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Again, Melinda is not great either but she deserves better than bloody Vic.