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Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

So he talked of something else, of the possibility of going to Canada before the weather got cold. They might make some arrangement for Trixie to stay with the Petersons for ten days, Vic said.

‘Oh, I don’t think I’d care for that,’ Melinda said, with a cool smile.

‘This summer’s gone by without a real vacation for either of us,’ he said.

‘Let it go by. I’m sick of it.’

‘The winter’s going to be even more boring – without a break somewhere,’ he said.

‘Oh, I don’t think it’s going to be boring,’ she said.

He smiled. ‘Is that a threat?’

‘Take it the way you like.’

‘Are you going to put arsenic in my food?’

‘I don’t think arsenic could kill you.’

It was a charming evening.

Come on Melinda. Surely, the arsenic is worth a try.