Reading progress update: I've read 120 out of 272 pages.

Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

She had got what she deserved, and she was powerless to do anything against him. If she went to the police again, who would believe her? How could she prove it? She could divorce him, that was all. But Vic did not think that she would. He might refuse to give her alimony – and he had ample grounds to refuse – and he could also win the child with ease, not that Melinda would probably care. He did not think she would relish the prospect of having no money, of going back to her parents’ dreary, boring household in Queens.

Aren't we glad that we don't live in this kind of hell where a society dismisses the evidence of a woman on the basis of her not conforming to some patriarchal ideal and choosing to be her own ... woman?

Oh, hang on...


Vic needs to die already. And the whole town of Little Wesley needs to be hit with flood, fire, high-speed wind.


Unfortunately, this is a Highsmith novel and the very last thing I expect to see is some sense of justice to prevail here. No, ... that would be a first.


But, saying that, I have no idea where Highsmith is going to take this, which is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to her books. That and the quality of her writing and creepiness and sheer mess of her characters.  


Seriously, at this point, I prefer the snails, Edgar and Hortense, to any of the human characters. I really hope the snails take over this town.