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Stealth - the new Rina Walker thriller! (Rina Walker 4) - Hugh Fraser

‘This is Brenda Matthews, she came to see Jeremy… Allow me to introduce my daughter, Dorothy.’

She looks away and puts a hand on her hip and I realise she must be Jeremy’s wife.

‘Brenda was helpful to us in the matter of Mark Weston,’ says Sir David.

‘What?’ she says, glancing at me.

‘Very helpful.’

She considers me for a moment.

‘This isn’t the woman who…?’

‘Yes, it is.’

‘I see,’ she says, looking at me now with some interest.

‘Is Jeremy here?’ I ask.

‘I’m afraid not,’ says Dorothy.

‘Is he coming back?’

‘He’s been arrested.’

‘What for?’

‘What was your business with him?’

‘He had a bit of work for me.’

‘Tolka Saltik?’


‘They’ve both been arrested for passing secrets to the Russians.’

Oh, no. I have weird hunch where this one might be going...which also reminds me that I do still want to follow up Len Deighton's Berlin Game with Mexico Set and London Match