Halloween Bingo - New Release

Stealth - the new Rina Walker thriller! (Rina Walker 4) - Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser's latest instalment of the Rina Walker series arrived on my kindle some 60 minutes ago, which qualifies this as a New Release. 


This series is bonkers and I do have some issues with it. However, it is also bonkers in a fun and a strangely addictive way.


Let's find out which dark and seedy alleyways Hugh's mind meandered down this time.


Oh, look, we've got action right from the first page again ... and it's set in an area of Soho I know well (which would also qualify this for the Darkest London square):

"London 1967

I’m sitting at a corner table in a pub in Wardour Street waiting for Bert Davis. It’s Friday night and the place is heaving. I look at my watch, see it’s near closing time and I’m wondering if he’s going to turn up. He wants to talk about a bit of work his governor George Preston has got for me. I’ve been able to stay well out of the game since I scored the money my dad left behind from a blag he pulled off before he got shot, but George, who ran a big firm with my dad, has got so much on me he could have me away for life anytime he wants. Even though I doubt if he’d break the code, I can’t risk turning him down. The landlord shouts time and I’m about to finish my drink and leave, when I see a face called Jack Fenton coming through the crowd with his eye on me. He’s big man with a long reach and I’ve seen him do some damage in the ring. He sits down and leans across the table until his ugly red face is close to mine.

‘You think you’re so fucking clever, you slimy little bitch.’

I put my hand in my jacket pocket and slip my fingers into the knuckle duster."