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Wyrd Sisters: A Novel of Discworld - Terry Pratchett

It is difficult not to quote the whole of the book, but this made me chuckle:

‘A man came to see me last week to ask if I wanted to pay any taxes,’ said Magrat. ‘I told him no.’

‘He came to see me, too,’ said Nanny Ogg. ‘But our Jason and our Wane went out and tole him we didn’t want to join.’

‘Small man, bald, black cloak?’ said Granny thoughtfully.

‘Yes,’ said the other two.

‘He was hanging about in my raspberry bushes,’ said Granny. ‘Only, when I went out to see what he wanted, he ran away.’

I love how Pratchett can switch so easily from a slapstick scene like the one about the tax collector to a sincere and deep thought about what makes a kingdom/country:

Gods, he hated this kingdom. It was so small, only forty miles long and maybe ten miles wide, and nearly all of it was cruel mountains with ice-green slopes and knife-edge crests, or dense huddled forests. A kingdom like that shouldn’t be any trouble. What he couldn’t quite fathom was this feeling that it had depth. It seemed to contain far too much geography. He rose and paced the floor to the balcony, with its unrivalled view of trees. It struck him that the trees were also looking back at him.