Halloween Bingo: Diverse Voices

The Red Power Murders - Thomas King

This is one of the physical books I packed for my holiday and I can't wait to see how Thomas King fares in the mystery/crime genre. 


From the blurb on GR:

"Thumps DreadfulWater has never liked surprises—even the good ones are annoying. So it’s no shock that a string of seemingly random occurrences is causing Thumps some real discomfort. First Noah Ridge, the Red Power Native activist, arrives in Thumps’ sleepy town of Chinook. Then the body of a retired FBI agent turns up at the local Holiday Inn. In the background hovers the ghostly presence of Lucy Kettle, second-in-charge of the Red Power movement, a tough woman in a tough place until her disappearance years ago. Now the sheriff wants Thumps to trade in his photography gig for a temporary cop beat. And it won’t be over, Thumps soon realizes, until everyone’s dead—or famous."

I will read The Red Power Murders for the Diverse Voices square.