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Carpe Jugulum: (Discworld Novel 23) - Terry Pratchett

Agnes would have pushed him away. That is, Agnes would have dithered and tried to talk her way out of things, but if push had come to shove then she’d have pushed hard. But Perdita struck, and when her hand was halfway around she turned it palm out and curled her fingers to bring her nails into play . . .

He caught her wrist, his hand moving in a blur.

‘Well done,’ he said, laughing. His other hand shot out and caught her other arm as it swung.

‘I like a woman with spirit!’

However, he had run out of hands, and Perdita still had a knee in reserve.

Vlad’s eyes crossed and he made that small sound best recorded as ‘ghni . . .’

‘Magnificent!’ he croaked as he folded up.

I really like Perdita. LoL.