Halloween Bingo - Deadlands

Carpe Jugulum: (Discworld Novel 23) - Terry Pratchett

I've spent some of today wondering of Terry Pratchett's book Mort qualifies for the Deadlands square (as the character of DEATH is neither dead nor really alive, I guess). Then I realised I also have Carpe Jugulum at hand, which definitely qualifies as it does have vampires in it.


"Deadlands: elements of the undead - zombies, wights, vampires and other revenants."


(I've also read The Ladybird Book of the Zombie Apocalypse, but I don't want to use it for the square as it is really, really short.)


I really need some Pratchett right now. I've tried to read some more of Fatal Passage tonight, but just can't muster the concentration required for non-fiction - even tho I'm really enjoying the book so far.