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Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

‘Well, he’d be wrong, then,’ said Ellen, with an engaging toss of the head, ‘because it’s bird’s blood, and not rabbit’s at all, because her ladyship told me so; and wouldn’t it be quicker just to go and ask the person than get fiddling round with your silly old microscope and things?’

‘Well, I only mentioned rabbits for an example,’ said Mr Bunter. ‘Funny she should have got a stain down there. Must have regularly knelt in it.’

‘Yes. Bled a lot, hasn’t it, poor thing? Somebody must ‘a’ been shootin’ careless-like. ’Twasn’t his grace, nor yet the Captain, poor man. Perhaps it was Mr Arbuthnot. He shoots a bit wild sometimes.

LoL. I almost feel sorry for poor Arbuthnot. First my reading buddy takes a dislike to him on account of another character by the same name in an Agatha Christie novel, now the poor man in accused of being a poor shot, which is not a great thing to be called when the victim has been shot. ;D