Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

Five Red Herrings - Dorothy L. Sayers

Wimsey on bicyclists:

‘Just so. Nothing is so virtuous as a bicycle. You can’t imagine a bicyclist committing a crime, can you? – except of course, murder or attempted murder.’

‘Why murder?’

‘Well, the way they rush about in gangs on the wrong side of the road and never have any brakes or bells or lights. I call it murder, when they nearly have you into the ditch. Or suicide.’

Gangs of cyclists? Really, Peter? LoL!


And on bike safety:

‘Have you been borrowing push-bikes?’ asked Wimsey, with interest. ‘You shouldn’t. It’s a bad habit. Push-bikes are the curse of this country. Their centre of gravity is too high, for one thing, and their brakes are never in order.’

I can't quite see Wimsey having any first-hand experience with this, can you?


But as bicycles are mentioned quite a lot and there is a bike on the cover of the book, I'm guessing that the missing bicycle may be important. Or, you know, be one of the five red herrings.... Gah!


On a different note, I'm enjoying the book. Probably more so than I would already because the audiobook I have to accompany my reading (narrated by Patrick Malahide) features a bit of an oddity:


The Scottish parts are narrated in a north-eastern accent - Doric - which is quite different to the accent where the story is set (south-western Scotland). It works a treat, but it cracks me up every time the word "night" (pronounced in Doric as "nicht") is used - as it is sooo local. Anyway, this one is a lot of fun.