Halloween Bingo - Classic Horror - Progress Update

Gothic Tales (Oxford World's Classics Hardback Collection) -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Darryl Jones

Update: Finished the book, claiming the square.


I've been looking forward to this square quite a lot. It gives me an opportunity to combine my quest to read more Arthur Conan Doyle with Halloween Bingo. 


While ACD is, of course, best known for the Sherlock Holmes stories, he also left an abundance of other stories to us, many of them quite Gothic and featuring ghosts and mummies and other evil characters. 


This edition of Gothic Tales contains 34 short stories of horror and suspense that are not related to the Holmes canon.


I'm going to spread out reading this volume over this month and use this post as a tracker of which stories I have read (as I tend to not read short story collections in order necessarily and there are some stories I want to get to first).


The 34 Stories:


The American's Tale - 3.5* - fun, in a cryptozoological way

The Captain of the "Polestar" - 4.5* - Wow. So much atmosphere.

The Winning Shot - 3.5* - Necromancy?

J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement - 2.5* - Interesting but too dragged out, also very dated.

John Barrington Cowles - 4.5* - So good. So dark.

Uncle Jeremy's Household - 1* - Thriving on Indian mysticism and some stereotyping.

The Ring of Thoth - 4* - spooky

The Surgeon of Gaster Fell - 2* - Boring.

A Pastoral Horror - 3.5* - Haha. Gory, but with a fun twist.

"De Profundis" - 4* - Grim, in a plague way.

Lot No. 249 - 4.5* - Classic, fun mummy horror.

The Los Amigos Fiasco - 4* - Truly grim. A story about electrocution.

The Case of Lady Sannox - 3* stomach turning tale. Also, ironic that the stereotyping backfires. 

The Lord of Chateau Noir - 2* - Meh.

The Third Generation - 2* Meh. Medical superstition.

The Striped Chest - 3* - Good, fun, maritime superstition.

The Fiend of the Cooperage - 1* - VERY colonial creature feature.

The Beetle-Hunter - 4* - Atmospheric. This could be at home in the Holmes canon. Also: Brooke Street!

The Sealed Room - 2* - Ghostly.

The Brazilian Cat - 4* - Another one that reads Holmesian in nature. Also: Pernambuco! :D 

The New Catacomb - 3* - another one where archaeology features

The Retirement of Signor Lambert - 2.5* - Operatic ripper story.

The Brown Hand - 2* - Draaaagging on a bit.

Playing with Fire - 3.5* Paranormal fun.

The Leather Funnel - 4* - pure Gothic horror based on historical fact

The Pot of Caviare - 3* - "It was the salmon mousse."

The Terror of Blue John Gap - 2.5* - too drawn out. Fits with the Lost World.

Through the Veil - 3* - Supernatural Scotland.

How It Happened - 4.5* - Aww. Cute.

The Horror of the Heights - 2* - too much like Lovecraft for me

The Bully of Brocas Court - 3* - Regency bare-knuckle fighting.

The Nightmare Room - 4* - Ha. A very 1920s twist.

The Lift - 2* - Evangelical.