Halloween Bingo - Modern Masters of Horror

October - Michael Rowe

I'm still working reading away on my plan to get the hard-boiled horror out of the way first, so I can spend the rest of the game with categories that are more to my liking. 


Saying that, I do love McDowell and would not have changed out yesterday's reading of The Amulet for anything, and I also enjoy expanding my reading boundaries ... or more accurately phrased when it comes to the Horror genre ... tie my comfort zone boundaries up with duck tape, throw them in the back of the car, take them to a cliff, set fire to them, kick them over the edge to challenge the the sea gods to a duell. 


Anyway. My next one is another recommendation by Char and I am reading it for the Modern Masters of Horror square. It would also fit Terror in a Small Town, Genre: Horror, Supernatural.


(I've taken inspiration from Moonlight's pumpkin spice latte yesterday, but without pumpkin spice at hand I've opted for cinnamon.)