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The Amulet - Michael McDowell, Poppy Z Brite

Holy crap.


Body count: 9

Maimed: 1


There are certainly were gruesome scenes in this one, but it is too slashery to be taken seriously. Thankfully. Otherwise, I might have bailed. I mean, consider this for selecting a murder weapon (I have obscured the character's name for spoilers):


[xxx] sat herself again at the dresser, thoughtfully removed the band from the implements she was carrying, and then slowly laid them out on the shelf of the dresser. There were two meat forks, a couple of knives, one of them sharp, the ice pick used by Gussie earlier that morning, a long teaspoon, a small eggbeater, a spatula, and a can opener. She stared at them all for a moment or two, and then touched them one by one, testing the tines and the points of the pieces.


Also, jewellery will never be the same.


[xxx] didn’t know why she was so hesitant about trying the amulet on; probably it was because it had belonged to a woman who had burned to death only the previous night. When Mary had handed it to her that morning, she had thought at first it might simply be a child’s bauble, and during the activities that afternoon at the church, she had forgotten about it entirely. But now that she looked at it again, she saw that it had obviously belonged to Rachel Coppage, and not to one of the little girls. That morning, also, she had not seen a catch in the chain; she wondered if she would be able to pull the thing over her head. But when she looked down at the amulet now, the chain was separated. She picked it up, and examined the ends of the length of gold; it still appeared that there was no catch at all, simply two unconnected links. This puzzled her, for she could not determine how it had got broken.