Halloween Bingo - Relics and Curiosities

The Amulet - Michael McDowell, Poppy Z Brite

Right... Sweet tea, and blanket at the ready. I have biscuits, too. If chocolate is required, I will take an appropriate break and procure some from the shop around the corner. 


This is me saying, I'm diving into my first true horror story of this year's game. It's not a book I would have chosen if my previous reading experiences with the author had not hooked me. As it is, I love McDowell's work and am thankful that Char has introduced his books to me.


Now, from what I can tell, The Amulet is more of a straight horror story than the other McDowell's I have read - which is not to say that any of them (especially Cold Moon Over Babylon  as Lillelara is currently experiencing) have been easy-going - but I expect that there will be more elements of a classic "slasher" in this one. 


Anyway, ... here we go.


Relics and Curiosities: concerning magical, supernatural or haunted objects, such as spellbooks, talismans or swords.