The Flat Book Society - September Read - Starts Today!

Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them - Jennifer   Wright

Dear All, 


Just a reminder that The Flat Book Society's new Group Read starts today (1st September). 


And what is even better, our new read can also be used in the 2018 Halloween Bingo for either the Doomsday or the Free Square!


So, join us for a pox-packed, fun-filled adventure into the history of the world's worst plagues. 


Throughout time, humans have been terrified and fascinated by the diseases history and circumstance have dropped on them. Some of their responses to those outbreaks are almost too strange to believe in hindsight. Get Well Soon delivers the gruesome, morbid details of some of the worst plagues we’ve suffered as a species, as well as stories of the heroic figures who selflessly fought to ease the suffering of their fellow man. With her signature mix of in-depth research and storytelling, and not a little dark humor, Jennifer Wright explores history’s most gripping and deadly outbreaks, and ultimately looks at the surprising ways they’ve shaped history and humanity for almost as long as anyone can remember.



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