Aaaaargh..... & Halloween Bingo's First Book Choice

The Expendable Man - Dorothy B. Hughes

Since Moonlight Reader Madness is the mastermind of mischief, she's totally messed with my reading plans for this week. 

I was planning on just finishing my two current reads, and then leisurely organising my books for Halloween Bingo...


But no. Since the announcement that we are allowed 1 pre-read this week hit me on the train home this afternoon, I have been thinking about nothing but which book to pick.

It's been agony!


After a bit of shelf shuffling, I am going to read The Expendable Man by Dorothy Hughes.


I know very little about this book (and would like to keep it that way ... i.e. I want to discover it without any research), so I cannot say yet which square this one will fill. If all else fails, Genre: Suspense: or Terrifying Women should work. 


Also, since this is on my physical shelf but not on Mt. TBR, I get to swap a Mt. TBR book for this one. See what I'm doing there? It's called strategic shrinkage reading...very much in line with this month's focus on reading only physical books I already own! ;D


Happy Halloween Bingo, All!