Halloween Bingo - Where the Gang Receives a Letter

As this year's Halloween Bingo is approaching, the Gang has been busy in preparation: the barn has been tidied up, the pumpkin patch has been tended, and the fence posts have been adorned with signs asking passers-by to not startle the Weresheep during the next couple of months - the WS is always a bit on edge this time of year as this is when the non-believers are at their most adamant. The Gang has only one response to this - "Baaah."



So as far as preparations for the game go, everything is in place. Well, almost everything. 


Last year, as you might remember, the Gang was joined by Baron Samedi in the Halloween Bingo celebrations. 


After Baron Samedi kicked off the Bingo fun last year - despite some hecklers who questioned not only the existence of the Weresheep but also the existence of the Baron's pants -  much fun was had by all.

New friendships were formed, old ones rekindled, and, in the end, all bingo squares were filled in. 


This year, sadly, the Baron has already some prior engagements ... He mentioned something about haunting a few cemeteries in the Caribbean and washing his hair.  


Oh, well, we'll always have the memories. 


However, this left us with the question who should be asked to oversee this year's game. 

No doubt, it would have to be a person of exceptional courage, intelligence, and all-round fortitude to withstand all the frights and spooks that come with the usual Halloween Bingo reads.

I mean, this was why Baron Samedi was such great fun. There is not much can that unsettles a loa of the dead (apart from having the existence of his pants being questioned, perhaps).


Yes, it takes an extraordinary character to help the Gang keep track of the Bingo reading and card-marking!


This morning, the last piece of the preparations has fallen into place. The Gang has received the the following letter:



Yes, it is true: This year's special guest is....


Arthur Hastings!