Halloween Bingo - Card & Books - Final Update Post




23 Oct. 18 - I've stopped counting bingos, but I have two more squares to be called for full blackout!



19 Oct. 18 - Bingo #6 - 1st column down. Also, READING BLACKOUT!!! I'll try and catch up with writing reviews while waiting for the remaining 4 calls to come in. 


17 Oct. 18 - Bingo #5 - 5th row across.


14 Oct. 18 - Bingo #4 - 4th row across.


13 Oct. 18 - Bingo #3 - Centre row! (And Bingo #4 will follow when I read the Darkest London square tomorrow/Monday.)


04 Oct. 18 - Double Bingo!  - Top left through bottom right (diagonal) & Four Corners + Centre

Slight change of plans re the physical sheep and Hastings stickers... 


Many thanks to Moonlight Madness, Obsidian Black Plague, and Murder by Death for my lovely card for this year's Halloween Bingo.

As with previous years, I will update this post as we go along - with Captain Hastings covering squares I have read, and The Gang popping up on squares that have been called.


I am also listing the books I plan to read / have read for each square - with () being planned reads, Italics being books in progress, and bold being books I have read:


Row # 1: 




Cryptozoologist:  The Curse of Loch Ness - Peter Tremayne

Deadlands: Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett

Country House Mystery:  Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

Classic Horror: Gothic Tales - Arthur Conan Doyle

Amateur Sleuth: The Expendable Man - Dorothy B. Hughes


Row # 2:



Genre: Horror: Poirot's Early Cases - Agatha Christie *Wild Card*

Murder Most Foul: 4:50 From Paddington - Agatha Christie

Terror in a Small Town: To Love and Be Wise - Josephine Tey

Romantic Suspense: Wildfire at Midnight - Mary Stewart

Modern Noir:  Ways to Die in Glasgow - Jay Stringer


Row # 3:



A Grimm Tale: Six Gun Snow White - Catherynne Valente

13: 13 Guests - Jefferson Farjeon

Free Space:  Get Well Soon - Jennifer Wright 

Gothic: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo

Terrifying women: Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith


Row # 4:



Modern Masters of Horror: October - Michael Rowe

Ghost Stories: The Canterville Ghost - Oscar Wilde

Darkest London:  Quick Curtain - Alan Melville

Relics and Curiosities:  The Amulet - Michael McDowell

Genre: Suspense:  Brat Farrar - Josephine Tey


Row # 5:


Supernatural: Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett

Fear The Drowning Deep: Fatal Passage - Ken McGoogan

Cozy Mystery: Five Red Herrings - Dorothy L. Sayers

Diverse Voices: The Red Power Murders - Thomas King

New Release:  Stealth - Hugh Fraser



Unallocated but in progress: n/a


Wild Cards available: 1/2 (Agatha Christie)