The Weeping Woman on the Streets of Prague

The Weeping Woman on the Streets of Prague - Emma (Ed.)/ Landry Judith (Translator) Wilson, Judith Landry, Sylvie Germain, Emma Wilson

This is the book I received when my book order was mixed up and my bookseller sent the wrong book...otherwise, I probably would never have known of its existence.


As it turns out, this book tells the story - in the way of a long poem - about the spectre of a woman who appears in various places in Prague of a number of years, then disappears, weeping for various people, or groups or people, or injustices.


I very much enjoyed the idea of the book: the spectre of a weeping woman as the soul of the city grieving for the injustices carried out in history.


However, the repetitive style and and sometimes over-explained descriptions did not make for a gripping read.