The 2018 Mt. TBR Project - End of June Update

June has been an unprecedented month of really disappointing reads - 5 x DNFs, 1 x 1*, 2 x 2*. However, as several of you have agreed, having a lot of DNFs can be a good thing. It frees up reading time for other books. Books that could potentially be phenomenal.

So, I took the opportunity to clear and trim Mt. TBR a little bit this month, but actually managed to read quite a few titles, too, no doubt due to some much-needed vacation time.


End of June Mt. TBR:




End of May Mt. TBR:


End of April Mt. TBR: 


End of March Mt. TBR:


End of February Mt. TBR:


End of January Mt. TBR:


Start of the Year Mt. TBR:


The Stats:


Books read this month: 19

Mt. TBR Books read this month: 15 (but 5 were DNFs)


Women / Men / Team*: 57% / 40% / 3%

Fiction / Non-fiction*: 75% / 25%

% of original Mt. TBR read: 64%

% of live Mt. TBR read: I lost count of this...and am not going to fix the spreadsheet. 


(* - of all books read since 01 January 2018)


Link to the original Mt. TBR (2018) post.

Link to the original Mt TBR (2018) Reading List.


Rules - same as previously - are that I picked a stack of physical books off my shelves at home which I would try to read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book of my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf - as a s