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They Came to Baghdad - Agatha Christie

Hang on. Wait a minute... Did I really just read a Christie story telling about this?



WMDs buried in Iraq?!?!

Doctor Alan Breck of the Harwell Atomic Institute contributed his quota of information in a small precise voice. Certain specimens had been left with him for analysis by the late Sir Rupert Crofton Lee. They had been acquired in the course of one of Sir Rupert’s journeys through China and Turkestan through Kurdistan to Iraq. Dr Breck’s evidence then became severely technical. Metallic ores … high uranium content … Source of deposit not known exactly, since Sir Rupert’s notes and diaries had been destroyed during the war by enemy action. Then Mr Dakin took up the tale. In a gentle tired voice he told the saga of Henry Carmichael, of his belief in certain rumours and wild tales of vast installations and underground laboratories functioning in a remote valley beyond the bounds of civilization. Of his search—and of the success of his search.

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