Reading progress update: Part 3 - Marvels of Science Around the House

The Science of Everyday Life - Marty Jopson

This Part included the following sections:


- Lighting up slowly (lightbulbs)*

- End over end down the stairs (slinkies)

- Machines that can see in the dark

- Making glass one-way

- Disappearing down the plughole left and right

- Einstein, relativity and your phone*

- Different flavours of smoke alarm*

- The vanishing transistor and Moore's law*

- Wobbly crystals in your clock

- When batteries die*

- Bursting your bubble

- Bottled clothing

- Non-shrinking sheep

- Fresh air really is good for you


I really liked this part of the book, especially the parts with a *. 


The non-shrinking sheep had me at the title of the section but it turned out to nothing new. Still credit to Jopson for including sheep. :D


As with the other chapters before, there is nothing really new in these parts but some of Jopson's explanations worked really well for me.