Reading progress update: I've read 62 out of 636 pages.

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Peter Frankopan

Apart from brief glimpses into Persia and Asia beyond the Black Sea, this book still mostly seems to have a focus on the Roman Empire and, um, issues or effects on people mostly located in the eastern region of the European continent, but most definitely not as much focus on Asia as I expected.


For example:

Chapter 2 is titled "The Road to Faiths" and mostly talks about the rise of Christianity.

Chapter 3 is called "The Road to a Christian East". It starts with two and a half pages about the Huns raiding Europe and Persia, then follows up with fifteen pages about the spread of Christianity. 


Chapter 4 promises to deal with the rise of Islam, but also seems to be constrained to the region between Constantinople and Persia.


While somewhat interesting, I am questioning the books focus on the religious aspects. There seems to be a lot of theory about the religions, too, which again is not something I would be looking for in a book about the Silk Roads.