Reading progress update: Part 2 - The Heart of the Home and Kitchen Science

The Science of Everyday Life - Marty Jopson

Part Two of the book continues along the same lines as Part One, but I found this part a little less interesting. Partly, this was because there was not a lot of new information in this chapter, and partly I could see missed opportunities for explaining other things relating to the following:


- Refrigerators

- Calories

- Dribbling tea pots

- Kitchen scales and the Kilogram

- Induction hobs

- Microwave ovens

- Toasters

- Coffee rings

- Ice cubes

- Candles


I really enjoyed the section on coffee rings, but was ultimately disappointed that the section on the toaster focused on the bread used for toast rather than the appliance.


Also, I found it impossible to read the section on the candle without comparing it to the description of how a candle works in Czerski's Storm in a Teacup. I missed the mention of nanodiamonds being created inside the candle flame.


Also, I still want to read Faraday's "The Chemical History of a Candle".