The 2018 Mt. TBR Project - End of May Update

May has been a great reading month, but I only read 2 Mt. TBR books. It's been the month of the Roger Moore reading frenzy, the Moneypenny re-read, and the big Forster book grab and re-discovery, so there have been plenty of diversions to explain the lack of progress with the Mt. TBR project. Still, some of the Mt. TBR books that I have read or have managed to start in May were either longish books or demanding a slow approach.

The Silk Roads will probably take some time to finish, it is very heavy on details. 


I have not added the Forster books to Mt. TBR, as there is no question of me not keeping them. How to Stop Time (from the Heathrow book haul) will be added to the stacks for the June update - if I don't finish it in June, that is. I've already started Shamsie's Home Fire at the airport earlier today, so this will not be added to the Mt. TBR.



End of May Mt. TBR:


End of April Mt. TBR: 


End of March Mt. TBR:


End of February Mt. TBR:


End of January Mt. TBR:


Start of the Year Mt. TBR:


The Stats:


Books read this month: 19

Mt. TBR Books read this month: 2


Women / Men / Team*: 57% / 39% / 4%

Fiction / Non-fiction*: 76% / 24%

% of original Mt. TBR read: 45%

% of live Mt. TBR read: 37%


(* - of all books read since 01 January 2018)


Link to the original Mt. TBR (2018) post.

Link to the original Mt TBR (2018) Reading List.


Rules - same as previously - are that I picked a stack of physical books off my shelves at home which I would try to read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book of my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf - as a swap.