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Murder of a Lady - Anthony Wynne

“We know very little of Miss Gregor’s character, but there’s no doubt that she was a self-centred woman with a highly developed faculty of domination. People, and especially women, of that type arouse strong opposition. That takes various forms. Weak natures tend to flatter and be subservient; stronger natures are exasperated; still stronger natures resist actively. But though these types of behaviour differ, they have the same first cause, namely, dislike. The subservient flatterer is an enemy at heart and understands perfectly the feelings of the violent opponent. In other words, everybody in this house hated Miss Gregor.”

Hm, ... This is a leisurely meander down the twists and turns of Argyll. Enjoyable, but we still don't know that much about the whoo, what, and wherefore of the murder.