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Murder of a Lady - Anthony Wynne

“Very good. Now we can come to the servants. That was your butler, I take it, who admitted me.”

“My piper, Angus MacDonald.”

“Acting in the capacity of butler.”

“Forgive me, Mr. Dundas, but you appear to be but ill-informed about Highland custom. Angus is first and foremost my friend, the friend of my family. He was piper to my father, the late Duchlan, who held his friendship an honour; should I predecease him, I pray God that he may serve my son. Our pipers stand remote from the class of domestic servants; but in these difficult times we are compelled to ask from them an extended range of service.”

“Isn’t it six of one and half a dozen of the other, sir?” Dundas remarked coolly. “I mean, piper or no piper, the old man is in fact acting as butler?”



Oh, this is rather good so far. The description of the murder and crime scene was a bit graphic (for my tastes) but the depth of the characters and dialogue so far has made up for it.