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Howards End - E.M. Forster

Henry began to grow serious. Ill-health was to him something perfectly definite. Generally well himself, he could not realize that we sink to it by slow gradations. The sick had no rights; they were outside the pale; one could lie to them remorselessly. When his first wife was seized, he had promised to take her down into Hertfordshire, but meanwhile arranged with a nursing-home instead. Helen, too, was ill. And the plan that he sketched out for her capture, clever and well-meaning as it was, drew its ethics from the wolf-pack.

Henry Wilcox could give Everard Wemyss (see here and here) a run for his money, and because we know that Wemyss was based on a real person (von Arnim's husband and also Bertrand Russel's older brother) we also know that these people existed. And scarier still, they still exist.


Why Meg? WHY?!?!?