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The Moneypenny Diaries: Final Fling - Kate Westbrook, Samantha Weinberg

And so on to the last book, Book # 3 "Final Fling". I forgot how gripping this stuff is.


From the closing pages of Book # 2:

The idea that my aunt may have been killed – perhaps for her conviction that this mole did exist; perhaps by Boris, in retribution for betraying him; perhaps by someone completely different – haunts me. I do not want to believe that, but I cannot ignore its possibility.

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Btw, if this hasn't come across, yet, I'm enjoying this re-read more than the first read and infinitely more than the original Bond novels. They do require some pre-existing Bond knowledge, tho, so in a way having fun with this series is a reward for having suffered made it through the original material.


Also, I'm not fond of the choice of covers for this series.